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Napusteni pasIt`s September and noticing new packs of stray dogs appearing in the Liman blocks of buildings became as natural as falling leaves in the autumn.Most of these stray dogs have been abandoned by its owners who seem to be doing it each year in the time of the beginning of the school year. Unnoticebaly almost,each day the new ones appear on the streets while comforting themselves in a lonely strollings together,as to compensate sadness of being forgotten by the ones they loved.

The biggest group of strays so far have been noticed by the our members of the association,and has even 7 dogs extreamly well-groomed and in excelent condition.It`s obvious that untill recently they haven`t been “street” dogs!The owners of these beautiful dogs won`t be fined at all for the improper and irresponsible treatment of these animals who were raised in their homes. If one of the dogs ever endanger anybody`s life, no one will ever mention its ex-owner!Papers will still complain about lots of strays who should be removed from the streets,preparing the public gradually for their organized killing and poisoning!

The dog with the sad eyes will soon seam trully guilty for everything! So, in a while the Liman`s dogs will start to present a threat to some peaceful citizen. Passing by, children will steel look at their stricking eyes byt older ones will try to push them away, telling their grandchildren how dirty, dangerous and infectious these dog are. Soon dogs will stop swinging their tails around when seeing people, and the color of their fur will fadeaway gradually on the streets. No one will ever believe that they were once beautiful, sweet, lovely and clean. Lots of them won`t survive this winter. Maybe those who do will stay for the next generations of newcommers to teach them of the art of survival!

Stevan Zivkov Andricin

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