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Vegepiknik001 On the 3rd of September,2005, Society “Osvoboditev zivali in njihove pravice”from Slovenia organized huge vegetarian picnic in Ljubljana,with the motto:”We build together friendly Slovenia for the animals!”This all-day manifestation gathered around 3000 visitors,vegetarians, animal and healthy food lovers,as well as supporters of the natural life style.

Vegepiknik002Among the many guesting societies, our association “Freedom for the animals” gave support to this event,together with the croatian “Friends of The Animals”. It was the intent of our slovenian hosts to show what life should be about when not eating meat,that gathered us there.

Vegepiknik003 Vegepiknik004
Therefore we were offered to chose between the most delicious vegan foods (vegetarian stew,vege-burgers,vegetarian broiled food..) as well as some fresh fruit.

Vegepiknik005 Vegepiknik006
On several stands rich offer of the vegetarian products was presented: K Naravi firm showed its natural cosmetics and great offer of vegetarian IBI toppings from Germany. Stanko Valpatic-the president of the slovenian society is also a manufacturer of the Chemaz- garlic-butter (made from the wild garlic),as well as of some home-made types of bread and pasta.

Vegepiknik007 Vegepiknik008
A new, just printed book “A Vegetarian Cook-Friend of the animals” was presented to the visitors, and the cooker Zoran Saponia demonstrated in a genuine way his cookin` skills by preparing the most interesting recipies from this book on the place-in front of us!

Vegepiknik009Among the hungry visitors who hustled to try all those delicateses were many of our four-legged friends -domestic dogs who wanted to treat themselves with the same “sweetmeat”!

Vegepiknik010 Vegepiknik011

For the children was also provided good entartaining program: a puppet show by Jana Strzinar,clawness-Eva Skofic Maurer,musicians guesting were-Adi Smolar,Rok Trkaj,Jadranka Juras, belly-dance of Kebira and rewarded vegetarian quiz-”It`s nice to be healthy”.

Greta Fegic Mikuz a memmber of the slovenian society, draw attention of the public when telling story of her two children who are vegetarians since the birth,and both healthy and happy.She spoke openly about her expiriences in the vegetarian nutrition of the children.

Vegepiknik014 Vegepiknik015

Special attention was given to the German vegetarian music band AJ GANG and their concert.They impressed the visitors with the energetic songs and engaged texts which openly speak about the animal suffer and the unjustice that people do to them.It certainly opened a new direction for the music culture – music in honor of the animals!

Vegepiknik016Beside all this some more serious events took place at the picnic as well.The Conferency for the press was held,where Vlado Began –a slovenian lawyer for the rights of the animals was speaking about the suppression of the hunting, Dr. med. Zivan Krevel spoke about how unhealthy,unetical and bad for the ecology is consuming of the meat.Sociologist and theologian Moris Hoblay presented his new booklet –“Hieronimus` Bible-enemy to the animals”.Editor of the magazine of the slovenian society “Osvoboditev Zivali”-Damian Likar has presented its newest number to the public and Zoran Mikan from Serbia presented events organized by the association “Freedom for the animals” as their plans and goals and introduced the visitors with the current actions in Serbia - collecting of the signatures for the constitutional rights of the animals,actions of protection of the animals(currently two fawns-Sara and Marko) and turning the hunting places into the national parks without hunting.

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